Karim Osman

into remote startups since 2010


A bit about myself

Hi, my name is Karim and I’m working remotely as a Director of Business Operations at Mapillary. Over the past years, I’ve been part of great tech companies like Buffer, Automattic, and Lookback. All these companies have a globally distributed workforce and their teams communicate remotely using online tools.

Besides working, I have many dreams, goals, and things I enjoy doing. Like:

  • Flying single engine airplaines
  • Photography/videography with the Canon M50
  • Scanning frequencies with my HAM radio (BaoFeng BF-F8HP)
  • Destroying my body with breakdance
  • Learning new languages, currently tackling Mandarin
  • Listening to jazz while drinking green tea
  • Playing the guitar and ukelele
  • Spending time exploring nature
  • Love growing food and homesteading
  • Fan of everything organic, recycled/re-used, and sustainable
  • Trying to live a minimalistic and self-sufficient lifestyle